SynchBot Setup:

  • From your Real Synch dashboard, click + Add SynchBot:
  • Select Follow Up Boss as your Source and Sisu as your Target:
  • Click the Instructions link for Follow Up Boss and follow the onscreen directions to retrieve your API Key:
  • Click Verify and Close:
  • Click the Instructions link for Sisu and follow the onscreen directions to retrieve your Username, Team Name, and API Token:
  • Click Verify and Close:
  • When both the Source and Target have been verified, click Next and configure the Source and Target options before clicking Activate to complete to process:

Deal Stages:

Synch Requirements:

  • Each User's login email address must match exactly between Follow Up Boss and Sisu.
  • To synch a Follow Up Boss Contact or Deal to Sisu as a Transaction, the Follow Up Boss Lead must have an email address.
  • The Follow Up Boss Admin/Owner must provide a relevant API Key to connect Follow Up Boss for proper synching.

Synch Limitations: 

  • A Sisu Transaction created via the Follow Up Boss appointment screen can only be created via synch, not updated.
  • Custom Follow Up Boss Pipelines and Stages are not supported in the default synch. Please contact Real Synch Technical Support for customizations.

Here are a few knowledge-based articles explaining the SynchBot's FAQs:

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