Synch Setup

Here are the steps for setting up your Follow Up Boss to SISU synch.  Once you have registered for Real Synch subscription and are logged into the Dashboard...

  1. Click “Add New Synch” button > Source: Follow Up Boss > Target: SISU 
  2. Click “Instructions” link for FollowUpBoss- follow on screen directions to retrieve your API key.   Click Verify
  3. Click “Instructions” link for SISU- follow on screen directions to retrieve your UserName/Team Name and API Token values.   Click Verify
  4. When both Source and Target are verified > Click “Next” button
  5. Configure Source or Target Options before clicking “Activate” button to complete the process
  6. Create FUB Deal Stages - Create “Appointment Set” and “Appointment Met” stage at the start of both FUB pipelines (Buyers and Seller).
  7. Create SISU counters for Connects and Text Conversations
  8. Follow same process to setup SISU>FUB synch; where SISU is Source and FUB the Target.

Synch Requirements

  • Each Users Login Email Address must match between FUB and SISU.
  • To Synch a FUB Contact or Deal to SISU as a Transaction, the FUB lead MUST have an email address.
  • FUB Admin/Owner must provide relevant API key to connect FUB for proper synching

Synch Limitations 

  • SISU Transaction created via FUB Appointment screen cannot be updated via Synch (only created).
  • Custom FUB Pipelines and Stages are not supported in the default synch.. Contact Real Synch Technical Support for customizations.

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