Setup Steps  
From the Real Synch dashboard...

  1. Click Add Synch
  2. Click SISU icon
  3. Click Follow Up Boss icon
  4. Click Connect button beneath SISU logo > Fill in your Team Name and Token > Click Verify.   Note: Find the Team and Token info in SISU under: Admin>Team Settings>API Credentials
  5. Click Connect button beneath Follow Up  Boss logo > Click Verify > Login to Boomtown on the page presented, and grant access
  6. Both Source and Target connections should now display as Verified (green outline).   Click Next button (lower right)
  7. Click Activate button (lower right)

Features and Requirements
When SISU users updates Transaction Status or Amounts in SISU, the synch will update the related Deal status or amounts in FUB.


  • SISU > FUB synch does not create Contacts or Deals in FUB
  • SISU > FUB synch only synchs Transactions which originated in FUB and were synched to SISU via Real Synch
  • SISU > FUB Synchs runs every 5 minutes.  To update the schedule: Login to Real Synch, click Source options wrench next to SISU in your active Syunch Bot> Schedules > Default is 5 minute
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