Configure your SISU to BoomTown synch using these steps From the Real Synch dashboard...

  1. Click Add Synch
  2. Click SISU icon
  3. Click Boomtown iconClick Connect button beneath SISU > Fill in your Team Name and Token > Click VerifyFind the Team and Token info in SISU under: Admin>Team Settings>API CredentialsClick Connect button beneath Boomtown > Click Verify > Login to Boomtown on the page presented, and grant accessBoth Source and Target connections should now display as Verified (green outline) > Click Next
  4. Click Activate button (lower right)

ALL DONE!   Your synch is now active. 

Synch Features

Transactional Data (Sisu to BT)

  • Turn on the Sisu to BT synch to keep dates and numbers in synch between Sisu transactions and BT transactions. 
  • Once a lead comes over from BT, this synch can create a transaction in BT. In order for this to happen, you must have filled the following fields in Sisu: First name, Last name, Address line 1, postal code, city, state, transaction amount, and "signed" date. Once these fields are completed, a transaction will be created in BT if it does not exist already. 
  • This synch has a minimal 5 minute lag time to show up in your Boomtown system.

--PLEASE-- Read the important info below to understand how the synch works--

  • This synch requires Boomtown subscription plan of Grow or Advanced.
  • To utilize Real Synch via a BoomTown Core subscription plan, contact BoomTown! support to request API access for Real Synch integration purposes. BoomTown requires Core users to pay a one-time fee of $100. Access is generally granted within 1 business day.
  • This synch requires Boomtown and SISU user logins email addresses to match between systems.
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