• What types of data are synched from BoomTown into SISU?   

There are two (2) main types fo data involved:  Prospecting Activity data and Transaction data - see Boomtown to SISU Bot Features

  • Can the Synch Bot run bi-directionally?

You'll need to setup 1 synch from BoomTown to SISU and another synch from SISU to BoomTown

  • One of my Agents activity and transaction data are not synching to SISU, What do I do?
  1. Login to Real Synch, on your active BoomTown to SISU Synch Bot, click the ellipsis button and select SynchBot Options.  
  2. The resulting page will display the user login email addresses of the agents enabled for the Synch Bot.  
  3. If the Agent appears in the list but is not selected - select the agent, click save and close. 
  4. If the Agent does not appear in the list, login to BoomTown and/or SISU and update 1 of the user login email addresses to match the other.      Then Go to Step 3 above.

  • How long does it take for activity or transaction data logged in BoomTown to to be synched to SISU?

Just a few seconds.  The Synch Bot receives notifications from BoomTown API as activity is logged and synchs the relevant data to SISU in moments.

  • What fields are mapped from a BoomTown transaction, to a SISU transaction?

BoomTown transactions contain Client, Agent, Transaction Type (buyer/seller), Status, Property Address fields, MLS #, Amount, GCI, Agent Split, Listing Date, Expiration Date, Acceptance Date and Closing Date.

  • Is there a demo video of the BoomTown to SISU synch in action?

Indeed - see below

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