Synch Features:

Agent Activity Metrics

When Firepoint Users log any of the following activities, the synch increments the related counter in Sisu:

  • Dials - call a Lead performed within Firepoint.
  • Conversations - call outcome in Firepoint marked as Conversation.
  • Text Sent - text sent via Firepoint (counts one per day per agent per unique lead).
  • Text Conversation -  when two texts are sent via Firepoint by an Agent and two text responses are received in Firepoint for a given contact (per day). 

Creating and Updating Sisu Transactions:

  • When a Firepoint User creates or updates a Lead into one of the Lead Statuses selected in the SynchBot's Target Options: Filters - the synch Creates or Updates a Client Transaction in Sisu.
  • When an Firepoint User adds a specified tag to a Lead, the synch Creates or Updates a Client Transaction in Sisu.
  • Updating the synched Firepoint Lead Status to Inactive will update the Sisu Transaction status to Lost.

The following fields are mapped from Firepoint to Sisu:

Synch Requirements: 

  • An Agent's login email address must match exactly between Firepoint and Sisu.
  • To create or update a Sisu Transaction, the Firepoint Lead must have an email address. 
  • The Firepoint Admin/Owner User must obtain the Agent Key and Office Key for synch authentication.

Here is a demonstration of the Firepoint to Sisu SynchBot:

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