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Avoid double data entry and keep SISU synched with latest entries and updates in SkySlope.    Listings and Transactions created or updated in SkySlope synch to SISU.  

SkySlope is a real estate transaction management platform that helps brokers and their agents manage audits, documentation, and contracts. Real estate professionals use SkySlope to collect, store, organize, and audit real estate transaction documents from anywhere at any time.

Sisu provides real estate  professionals with a powerful, flexible platform that leads to long-lasting change, resulting in increased  sales performance.

Synch Setup Steps

  • Login to Real Synch from home dashboard
  • Click ‘Add New Synch’
  • Select Source as SkySlope 
  • Select Target as SISU 
  • Click ‘Connect’ button for Source SkySlope
  • Login to SkySlope as TC /Admin user
  • Click your user name (upper right)
  • Click 'My Account'Click ‘Integrations’ tab
  • Click button to generate new access key and secret key

Copy and Paste each Key into the related fields provided in Real Synch Connect to SISU

Click ‘Verify’ button and close SkySlope connect window.
Connect to SISU
Click Next and Activate your Synch.  

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