Synch Features

  • 1 way synch from SkySlope to SISU
  • Control frequency of synching
  • Control matching criteria for transactions to avoid duplicates. 
  • Option for matching SkySlope co-Agents to SISU users. 
  • 2-side transactions ( 1 transaction from SkySlope → 2 transactions at SISU )

Source Options

Once activated, by default The synch runs every 5 minutes.  To Adjust the frequency in Real Synch dashboard, click the wrench icon next to SkySlope, click frequency button, pick the interval from drop down list (5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, etc)

Co-Agent options
For subscribers that use co-agents in Skyslope (eXP members for example) this synch feature will enable SkySlope co-agents to be mapped to SISU Client transaction agent in SISU.  To enable this feature from Real Synch dashboard: click the wrench icon next to SkySlope source then click Custom mapping button and enable co-agent email address mapping. Click Save and then click Close

Target Options

Custom Mapping/Matching.   To create or update transaction in SISU and avoid creating duplicates in SISU- the synch uses matching criteria. This synch matches contact email address, property address, transaction type (buy or sell) and does not allow updates to closed transactions in SISU (where settlement date is in the past).

To adjust the matching criteria from Real Synch dashboard: click the wrench icon next to SISU Target then click custom mapping. Enable/disable email address and property address. Click Save and close.

Synch Requirements

Skyslope listing or Transaction must meet following criteria to synch to SISU:

  • Buyer or Seller email address MUST BE present in SkySlope - depending on which type (Buy, Sell or both) transaction is being synched.
  • Agent (or co-Agent) email address present in SkySlope listing it transaction which matches login email address in SISU
  • SkySlope transaction was not closed/completed prior to synch activation.  Matching SISU Transaction is not in closed status (settlement date has not passed)

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