Note: Administrator or TC level access required for valid connection to DotLoop.

From Real Synch dashboard click Add Synch button

1.) Select DotLoop as Source

2.) Choose SISU as Target

3.) Click Connect under DotLoop >  Click Verify 

New tab/window will display below.   Enter a DotLoop Administrator or TC level Username and Password

Then you will be prompted to 'Grant Access' to Real Synch.  

Once you do so - your browser will be redirected back to synch setup process.  

Connection should show as green "verified" like below

Click on the Connect button under SISU.  Login to SISU as Administrator.  

Click Admin > Team Settings >  API Credentials

Copy/paste (from sisu to real synch) the User Name to Team Name, and Token to Token.  

Click Verify, then the page look like pic below (Verified)

4.) Finally, click Activate to get your synch started

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