This Article is meant for Users and administrators of the Real Synch extension which enables Real Estate Sales Team to manage CRM Contacts in their Gmail.

Requirements for Extension Users:

  • Google Gmail Account
  • Chrome version 81.0.4044.122 or later
  • Real Synch paid subscription for CommandBot
  • 1 Active CommandBot on Real Synch platform
  • Invitation email to install the extension using a unique and valid Real Synch API key; generated and granted by the Real Synch subscription administrator.
  • Active login to their Organizations CRM

Supported CRMS


All the extensions interactions with Real Synch API are performed using secure protocol (https)

The data is processed in memory in a secure cloud environment on the Real Synch platform. The user and contact private data and email message content is not saved nor recorded on the Real Synch Platform.

The Real Synch platform uses pre existing connectors developed to authenticate and interface with the Subscribers CRM using secure protocol (https).

Real Synch Subscriber Terms of Service URL:

Real Synch privacy policy URL:

The Real Synch subscription administrator for your organization will have sent you and email invite with a link to install the extension and an API key to enable. Click here for instruction on how to Install the Gmail Extension

If you encounter an error message, insure you copied the API key correctly and avoid including spaces or additional characters and resubmit. If you cannot correct the issue, contact your Real Synch subscription administrator for assistance.

Enable and Disable the extension

By default, The extension is enabled and displays when you select an email message in Gmail. The extension is hidden when viewing your inbox of Gmail folders.

Open a gmail message and click the Real Synch logo in the task bar

To Disable the extension - click the Real Synch logo again

Using the Gmail extension

The extension interface operates similarly regardless of the type of CRM your organization uses. While using the extension you can perform the following commands:

  • Add Contacts to your CRM
  • View which user is assigned to the Contact in your CRM
  • Update Contact Status in the CRM
  • Log an Email message as a Note
  • Add and Remove Tags
  • Click to Call the Contact
  • Click to View Contact in CRM
  • View Open Tasks related to the Contact
  • Create New Tasks related to the Contact
  • Marks Tasks related to the Contact as Completed
  • Update Tasks related to the Contact

Click Here for more details on Gmail Extensions Features

Links for Administrators:

Setup CommandBot

Manage CommandBot users

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