This articles written for a Real Synch Subscribers (admin) who will setup and manage access to the Gmail extension for their organization.

To setup and activate a CommandBot you will need:

  • Active Real Synch Subscription
  • Admin/Owner credentials for your CRM

Login to Real Synch and click CommandBot Dashboard button

Click Add CommandBot button

Choose your CRM logo

Click Connect. Enter the Admin/Owner credentials applicable to your CRM. Note: instructions link for connecting to each CRM type are located on the Connect section

FirePoint. Click Verify. Click Close when done.

Follow Up Boss


Use check boxes to select Users from your CRM to invite to use the Gmail extension

Add a message to your Users in the box at the bottom of the screen

Click Activate to send invitation via email to your users, prividing a link and an API Key along with instructions on how to install (1 click) and add the API key (2 clicks).

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