This article describes how to use each of the the Real Synch Gmail extension features.

View Contacts on a given Gmail message

Select a Gmail message and view a list of the Contacts included on the message.

When you select a Contact from the list - the extension will attempt to determine if a Contact exists in your CRM using same email address.

If a matching Contact exists, the Contact Update screen will appear.

If the Contact does not exist in the CRM the Add Contact screen will appear.

Add Contacts to your CRM

View the user assigned to the Contact in your CRM

Update Contact Status in the CRM

Log an Email message as a Note

Add and Remove Tags

Start typing a tag name into the field provided.

Choose a tag to Add it to this contact.

Click the X next to the tag name to remove the tag.

Click to Call the Contact

Hover your mouse over the Phone icon to see the phone number.

Click the button to start any available calling software accessible to your device and Browser.

Click to View Contact in CRM

Log email message as a note in the CRM

View Open Tasks related to the Contact

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