*This article describes how to use each of the Real Synch Gmail extension features.

View Contacts on a Given Gmail Message:

  • Select a Gmail message and view a list of the Contacts included on the message:
  • When you select a Contact from the list, the extension will attempt to determine whether a Contact exists in your CRM using same email address.
  • If a matching Contact exists, the Update Contact screen will appear:

  • If the Contact does not exist in the CRM, the Create Contact screen will appear.

Adding Contacts to your CRM:

View the User Assigned to the Contact in your CRM:

Update Contact Status in the CRM:

Log an Email Message as a Note:

Adding and Removing Tags:

  • Start typing a Tag name into the field provided, choose a Tag to add it to the contact, click the X next to the tag name to remove the tag:

Click to Call the Contact:

  • Hover your mouse over the phone icon to see the phone number.
  • Click the button to start any available calling software accessible to your device and Browser:

Click to View Contact in CRM:

Log Email Message as a Note in the CRM:

View Open Tasks Related to the Contact:

Here is a knowledge-based article on getting started with the Gmail Extension:

Getting Started with the Gmail Extension

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