Send a New Invite:

  • Login to Real Synch and click the CommandBot button:
  • Click the ellipsis on the far right side of your active CommandBot and select User Options:
  • Click the drop down menu on the far right of your User and select Resend Invite and Submit:

Uninstall Gmail Extension:

  • Open the Chrome Browser and click the manage extensions button in the upper right corner of Chrome (looks like a piece of jigsaw puzzle):

  • Click the ellipsis button and select Remove from Chrome:

Install Gmail extension from Chrome WebStore:

1. Request an invitation from your CommandBot Administrator.

2. Upon receipt of the email invitation, copy the API Key included in the body.

3. Click Install CommandBot Extension:

4. Chrome will then open a page that looks like this, click Add to Chrome:

5. Click Add Extension:

6. Past the API Key (copied in Step 3) into the field shown and click Submit:

7. Finally, click the link next to the success message to open Gmail with the extension enabled.

Here are a couple of knowledge-based articles on the features and getting started with the Gmail extension:

Gmail Extension Features

Getting Started with the Gmail Extension

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