Standard SynchBot Pricing:

As of August 1st, 2020, all SynchBot subscriptions are based on the CRM user count. The subscription starts at $10 per CRM user per month. The first active SynchBot is free, and Per User charges apply for each additional SynchBot. Each user seat is discounted 50% (starting at $5 per month):

Additionally, subscription charges will be pro-rated based on any changes that occurred in the previous billing period (added or removed SynchBots or users) and are included in the charges for upcoming billing period.

Sisu Special Pricing:

Our partners at Sisu requested we offer special pricing to their subscribers, and we have honored that request. SynchBots with Sisu as a Source or Target are subject to a Per Sisu User discount. This discount increases as the Sisu user count grows:

Each additional Sisu-related active SynchBot will be charged a flat rate charge of $25 per month.

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