CBX Installation Requirements:

  • Use the latest version of Chrome Browser.

  • Ensure your Chrome user matches your Gmail account email address, and that both of these match the login email address for your CRM provider.

To install the Gmail Extension from the Chrome WebStore:

  • Request (or you may have already received) an invitation from your CBX Administrator.

  • Upon receipt of the email invitation, click the Accept CBX Invite button:
  • Click the Available in the Chrome Web Store link:
  • Then from the Chrome Web Store page for CBX, click Add to Chrome:
  • Finally, click the link next to the success message to open Gmail with the extension enabled.

Note: With synching turned on in your Chrome profile, once you have installed the extension on your device, then other devices synched with the same Chrome profile will automatically have the extension installed with the appropriate API Key filled in. Also, be sure to hold onto the invite email from your administrator, which includes an API Key that may be helpful in the future.

Installation Demo:

Uninstall Gmail Extension

Getting Started with the Gmail Extension

CBX Onboarding

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