Setup Instructions:

  • From your Real Synch dashboard, click + Add SynchBot:
  • Connect VoicePad as your Source and Sierra Interactive as your Target:
  • Click Connect on the VoicePad icon:
  • To activate your Source, you will need to reach out to VoicePad to retrieve your Client ID, Site ID, and VoicePad Phone Number (use commas to delineate multiple phone numbers):
  • Once VoicePad has been verified, click Connect on the Sierra Interactive icon:
  • A verification screen will appear:
  • Next, login to your Sierra Interactive Admin/Owner account, select Integrations from the drop down settings menu, select the Sierra Interactive icon from the list of available integrations, and copy the provided API Key:
  • Then paste the API Key in your source credentials, click Verify and Close:
  • Both Source and Target connections should now display as Verified. Click Next and Activate:

Your synch is now active! You can access and update your SynchBot's Source and Target Options by clicking the wrench icon next to the Source and Target on the Real Synch dashboard.

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