• You must login to the Zillow Premier Agent application with the Partner/Owner role.


1. If you are not already, login to the Real Synch dashboard and click + Add SynchBot:

2. Select Zillow Premier Agent as your Source and Real Synch as your Target:

3. On the Zillow icon, click Connect, Generate API Key, and Copy:

4. On the Real Synch icon, click Connect and Close:

5. Click Next on the lower right side of screen and Activate:

6. Click OK when prompted that your SynchBot was successfully activated:

7. Login to the Zillow Premier Agent application using your Team Owner login credentials. Click the account avatar on the upper right of the screen and select Settings:

8. Click Connect my CRM on the left-hand menu and select Add Subscription. Then select Real Synch from the Partners list and click Next:

9. Finally, paste your Real Synch API Key into the API Key field provided and click Save:

Grab a cup of Coffee! You created a Zillow to Real Synch bot and you are DONE!

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