Update Agents List:

First, update the email addresses of each of your Agents to ensure they match exactly between your Source and Target providers. Once the email addresses match, follow these steps to update the Agent List on your SynchBot:

  • Click the ellipsis on the right side of your SynchBot.

  • Select Update Agents List from the dropdown menu.

  • Click OK.

BoomTown to Sisu SynchBots:

For BoomTown to Sisu SynchBots, you will also need to follow these steps to ensure each of your Agents are enabled:

  • Click the ellipsis button on the far right-side of your SynchBot and select SynchBot Options:

  • The resulting page will display the user login email addresses of the Agents enabled for the SynchBot:

  • If the Agent appears in the list but is not selected, select the Agent and click Save and Close:

  • If the Agent does not appear in the list, this means the email address for the Agent is different between BoomTown and Sisu. You will need to update the email address in each platform to make them match exactly and follow the steps above to update your Agents List.

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