If you are having issues with your direct integration between Mojo and Sisu, you will need to reach out to Sisu, as this is outside the scope of our synch. Below is the information Sisu has provided us about this integration.

Each day at 8:00 a.m., your Mojo numbers from the previous day will pull into the Sisu platform. The numbers that are pulled in are:

  1. Contacts (which will add to the core activity “CONVERSATIONS” and the custom activity “CONVERSATIONS (MOJO)” in Sisu).

  2. Dials (which will add to the core activity “NUMBER OF DIALS” and the custom activity “NUMBER OF DIALS (MOJO)” in Sisu).

  3. Dialer Time (which will add to the core activity “HOURS PROSPECTED” and the custom activity “HOURS PROSPECTED (MOJO)” in Sisu).

If you don’t want your agents to be able to manually update these activities, you will want them locked in Admin>Team Settings>Activities (however, you can’t lock Conversations at this time). We have locked the custom activities above by default. If you have any issues, here are a few items to troubleshoot:

  1. The names of your agents in Mojo must match the names of your agents in Sisu exactly. They can not have any difference in spelling or case and there can’t be any additional spaces before or after the name.

  2. If you have an agent with a multi-part first name or multi-part last name, you will need to combine the parts and remove the space in Sisu and in Mojo so they match exactly. For example, using a made-up name of “Jon Van Buren”, the first name would be “Jon” but the last name would need to be “VanBuren” (removing the space) in Sisu and Mojo. If the space is in the last name, the agent’s Mojo numbers will not sync to Sisu properly.

  3. When comparing numbers in Sisu and Mojo (and before logging a support ticket), be sure to double-check your filters (scope and date range) on your Sisu reports and verify what is shown in Mojo.

  4. Verify that you are sending the Mojo session reports to the correct email address (

  5. Verify that you ONLY have “Session report” checked. Do NOT check “Call Detail Report” or “Include Agents With Zero Activity”.

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