Typical Reasons Transactions are not Executing to Sisu:

  • An Agent's user email address does not match between your CRM/TMS and Sisu (review steps on how to update your Agents List below).

  • An email address is missing for a Lead in your CRM/TMS. This is required even if you have to use a fake one.

  • The Deal, if you are a Follow Up Boss User, is in a Deal Pipeline or Deal Stage that is not supported by the Real Synch integration. Please review the articles in our Follow Up Boss to Sisu Knowledge-Base for more insight.

  • The Deal or Transaction in your CRM/TMS must be associated with a Contact.

  • The Deal or Transaction in your CRM/TMS must be associated with a User.

  • A Deal or Transaction must have originated in your CRM/TMS and synched to Sisu to create a Transaction in order to update the Sisu Transaction.

  • SynchBots will never update Closed, Lost, or Archived Transactions in Sisu.

  • Ensure the scope and date range you have set in Sisu is not filtering out your results unintentionally.

To Update Your Agents List:

First, ensure each Agent's email addresses match exactly between platforms and then update the Agents List on your SynchBot:

  • Click the ellipsis on the right side of your SynchBot.

  • Select Update Agents List from the dropdown menu.

  • Click OK:

Custom Mapping:

If you need a custom mapping (SkySlope Users using eXp, for instance), please reach out to our support team and provide an agent list with all of your Agents' email addresses in your CRM/TMS and their corresponding email addresses in Sisu. A simple columned list would be perfect:

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