• Any tag added to a lead in Sierra Interactive that is also enabled in your SynchBot's Target Options will trigger a synch to create or update a Transaction in Sisu:

Buyer Tags:

Seller Tags:

  • For example, adding the Signed tag to a lead in Sierra Interactive will create a Transaction in Sisu and increment the Buyers Signed dial by one:

  • You can also create custom tags to match the Sierra tags you want to use. Once a new tag is added in your SynchBot, you can delete the preset tag (please see video below).

Note: Adding multiple Tags to a given Lead in Sierra before applying can sometimes result in the creation of duplicate Transactions in Sisu. To prevent this type of behavior, select one Tag and apply, then select a second Tag and apply.

**If they add (B) APPT SET tag and the Buyer agent is unassigned or their email doesn’t match a SISU user - the transaction will not be created. And they will have to assign or reassign and then re-tag**

Agent Activities:

  • Log a Call: this will increment the Number of Dials counter in Sisu by one:

Note: Selecting any of the given Call Outcomes will increment your Number of Dials activity counter in Sisu. To increment your Conversations activity counter, you must add the Conversation tag to the Lead in Sierra.

  • Email Sent: this will increment the Emails Sent counter in Sisu by one:

  • Text Sent: this will increment the Text Messages counter in Sisu by one:

Note: Text Sent will increment the Text Conversation custom activity counter in Sisu when two text messages have been sent by the Agent and two text messages have been received from the Lead.

ISA Appointment Set:

If the Sierra User who sets an appointment for a given Lead is also assigned an ISA role in Sisu, the expected behavior of the SynchBot is that the ISA will be assigned as the Primary Agent when the Transaction is created. When the Lead is then reassigned from the ISA to another Agent, the credit for that Appointment Set will go to the assigned Agent in Sisu, but the ISA will still receive credit for the Appointment Set on the Leaderboards page in Sisu:

Setup: Sierra Interactive to Sisu SynchBot

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