• Each Agent's email address must match exactly between your CRM and Sisu.

Target Options:

  • In the Custom Mappings of your SynchBot's Target Options, ensure all triggers are enabled. The Allow updates to Lead Source trigger will increment individual Lead Counts, while the Lead Source by Lead Counter trigger will increment your total Lead Count:

Note: Having both of these triggers enabled in your Custom Mappings is critical for your data to be synched.


  • To find reporting for your Lead Sources in Sisu, click Reports and select Lead Source ROI by Lead Source (ensure you are using the correct filters in your search):

Note: There could be multiple pages to search through for a given Lead Source.

  • When a new Lead is created with a Lead Source in your CRM, this will increment the assigned Agent's Lead Count by one for that Lead Source in Sisu:

  • If the same Lead is reassigned or transferred to another Agent in your CRM, this will increment that Agent's Lead Count for a given Lead Source. Note: this will not increment the Total Lead Count for the Lead Source, since a new Lead was not actually added. The Total Lead Count for each Lead Source will only increment for New Registrations assigned to that Lead Source in your target CRM.

  • If a Lead is imported with no assignment, this will not increment your SISU count until the Lead is assigned to an Agent in your CRM.

  • Finally, if the numbers for all of your Lead Sources are zero, this is because a Transaction must be created in Sisu before these fields can be given any values:

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