Setup: CRM to EvaBot




Setup Instructions:


  • From your Real Synch dashboard, click + Add SynchBot:

  • Select a CRM as your Source and Evabot as your Target:

  • Click Instructions on the CRM icon and follow along:

  • Then click Connect, Verify, and Close:

  • Next, click Instructions on the Evabot icon and follow along:

  • Click Connect and fill in your API Key. Click Verify and Close:

  • Click the Target Options and select the price you want the integration to use (this can be changed at any time, but only one price can be defined for a given integration).

  • Click Next and Activate:


Your integration is now active! You can access and update your Integration's Source and Target Options by clicking the wrench icon next to the Source and Target on the Real Synch dashboard.






  • This Integration supports the Evabot Closed occasion.

  • The Gift link will send when the specified tag is added to a Lead and the Lead status changes to Closed.




Here is a demonstration of the Integration setup: