kvCORE to Sisu Integration Features





  • The ONLY way to add a transaction from kvCORE to Sisu is by adding a hashtag to the lead in kvCORE.

  • Hashtags must be added in order for all the hashtags to integrate. Example: if you add the SIGNED hashtag prior to the APPTSET hashtag, it will not pick up the APPTSET date in Sisu.

  • Any hashtag added to a lead in kvCORE that is also enabled in your Integration's Target Options will trigger the integration to create or update a Transaction in Sisu:

Buyer Hashtags:


Seller Hashtags:

  • For example, adding the SIGNED hashtag to a Seller lead in kvCORE will create a Transaction in Sisu and increment the Listings Signed dial by one:

Animated GIF
  • The integration picks up the Lead Type selected on the lead in kvCORE. Due to this, the hashtags for buyer and seller are the same by default on the integration.

  • Due to the hashtags matching, if the Lead Type is both Buyer and Seller in kvCORE, the integration will create and update both Buyer and Seller transactions in Sisu with a single tag.

  • To prevent this from happening, the hashtags on the integration can be customized to differentiate between Buyer and Seller.  Example: you can change APPTSET to (S)APPTSET under the target options on the integration to specify the hashtag is for the seller transaction.

    *Note: the hashtags found under the target options on the integration must match EXACTLY with what is used in kvCORE.*

**If they add APPTSET hashtag and the agent is unassigned or their email doesn’t match a SISU user - the transaction will not be created.**



Setup: kvCORE to Sisu Integration


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