kvCORE to Sisu Integration Requirements






  • User must use kvCORE API Key to connect the Integration. If there is not already one generated, then you will need to generate one to connect the integration:

  • Required Fields for new contacts in kvCORE: 

  • The hashtags specified in the integration's Target Options must match EXACTLY with the hashtags found in kvCORE. *Note: This includes spelling, capitalization, and spacing.

  • The ONLY way to add a transaction to Sisu from kvCORE is by adding a hashtag to the lead in kvCORE.

  • The hashtags will also need to be added in order. Meaning, if you go out of order (for example adding the SIGNED hashtag prior it adding the APPTSET hashtag) it may not pick up the APPTSET hashtag.

  • kvCORE user email address must match the Sisu user email address exactly. Once these email addresses match exactly, you will need to update the Agents List on your Integration (you will also need to follow these steps any time a new user is added):

    • Click the ellipsis on the right side of your Integration.

    • Select Update Agents List from the dropdown menu.

    • Click OK.

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Setup: kvCORE to Sisu Integration