Follow Up Boss to Sisu Recruiting Platform Integration



Integration Information:

  • Client Type:
    Buyer= New Recruit
    Seller= Experienced Recruit

  • Recruit Statuses:
    Appt Set
    Appt Met
    Recruited (Closed)

  • Lead Source ROI by Lead Source count will increment when new recruits are created in Follow Up Boss.

  • If using tags for your Recruiting Integration, as the tags are applied to the lead in Follow Up Boss the lead will be created or updated in Sisu. *Note: the tags must match what is found under the target options on the integration.

  • You can customize your tags on your integration to reflect the recruit status. Just ensure the tags used in Follow Up Boss match EXACTLY to the tags in the target options on the integration.

  • Creating an appointment, when the lead stage is set to buyer or seller, will create a transaction in Sisu and fill in the 1st time appt set date.


Integration Limitations:

  • This type of integration does not currently increment counters in Sisu for Agent Activities.

  • Using tags does not pull the Address into Sisu.

  • If using multiple integrations (one integration from Follow Up Boss to the regular Sisu instance and one from Follow Up Boss to Sisu Recruiting Platform), it is best to use tags for one integration and deals for the other.

  • If there is an update to the name or phone number on the lead, a tag will need to be added to update the information in Sisu.