Structurely to Brivity Setup






Before Setting Up Your Integration:


  • Disable any CRM already sending Leads into Structurely.

  • This integration must be bilateral (Structurely to Brivity and Brivity to Structurely).

  • Make sure all agents and brokerages that will be receiving leads have "Text Messaging" numbers assigned in Structurely under the "Lead Types" menu; if this is not setup for an agent, there will be no way to send Leads from Brivity to Structurely.




Setup Instructions:


Note: This integration will scan Structurely every five minutes for new messages in ongoing conversation updates between your Structurely ChatBot and Leads. All conversations logged with a Lead within that timeframe will be contained in a single note for each Lead in Brivity.


  • Login to Real Synch and click + Add SynchBot:

  • Select Structurely as your Source and Brivity as your Target:


  • Click Instructions on Structurely and follow along:

  • Paste the Real Synch API Key in Structurely:



  • Click Close:



  • Next, click Instructions on Brivity and follow along:


  • Click Verify, Connect, and Close:


  • Click Next and Activate:






Setup: Brivity to Structurely