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Demonstration of Features:



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Unique Features:


  • The Sierra extension allows you to Assign the Buyer or Seller Agent, and because there are two assignments, there will be two statuses: Buyer and Seller.






  • The initial startup of the extension may take 10-90 seconds, depending on the size of the database it is trying to load.

  • While the extension is able to create and complete tasks, Today’s Tasks and Overdue Tasks are not supported in the Pro version.

  • Adding Tags in the extension must be explicit and match a given Tag that already exists in Sierra exactly. Otherwise, a new Tag will be added.

  • There is no Call Log for the Sierra CBX.

  • Each User must have a Sierra Agent Profile, as well as a Lead assigned to them in Sierra, before they can be enabled in the Manage Users page of the CBX (this is due to a limitation of the Sierra API).




Setup: Sierra Agent Profile for CBX