Dotloop to Sisu Integration Functionality






  • By default, this is a one-way integration that runs every five minutes. The Integration checks for new Loops created or updated in Dotloop since the last time the integration ran.

  • A Transaction can be created in Sisu when a Loop is created or updated in Dotloop and contains values for the required fields:

  1. Type (Buyer/Seller)

  2. Participant's First Name and Last Name

  3. Buyer/Seller Email Address

  4. Buyer/Seller Agent Email Address

  5. Full Property Address

  • When the Integration finds a Sisu Transaction that matches the Dotloop Client email address, Agent email address, and Property address, the Integration will update the matching Sisu Transaction.

  • Documents added/updated in Dotloop will be integrated into Sisu as Web Links, which can be accessed from Sisu or included in Sisu forms and notifications sent to Transaction participants.



Setup: Dotloop to Sisu Integration




Here is a demonstration of the Integration: