Setup: Dotloop to Sisu Integration




Setup Instructions:


Note: Administrator or TC level access is required for a valid connection.


  • From the Real Synch dashboard click + Add Integration:

  • Select Dotloop as the Source and Sisu as the Target:

  • Click Instructions on the DotLoop icon and follow along:

  • Under DotLoop, click Connect and Verify:

  • A new tab/window will display below. Enter a DotLoop Administrator or TC level Username and Password:

  • You will then be prompted to Grant Access to Real Synch:

  • Your browser will be redirected back to the Integration setup process and the connection should show as Verified:

  • Next click Instructions on the Sisu icon and follow along:

  • Click Connect under Sisu and login to Sisu as the Administrator:

  • To find the Team Name and Token info in Sisu: Click Admin > Team Settings > API Credentials:

  • Copy and paste the Username in Sisu to the Team Name in Real Synch and the Token in Sisu to the Token in Real Synch > Click Connect and Verify:

  • Finally, click Activate to get your Integration started:




Dotloop to Sisu Integration Functionality




Here is a demonstration of the Integration setup: