Connect Google to Your IPhone



This article will assist in getting your IPhone connected to your Google Account.

Adding your Google Account Automatically

  • Start by going to Settings> Mail> Accounts on your device:
    iPhone showing how to set up email account automatically
  • Then select Add Accounts, and select Google for your Email Provider.

  • Add your credentials in the fields provided, and tap Next when the option appears

  • Wait for your login information to be verified, and tap Save when the option appears.
  • Your Google Account is now set up on your IPhone!

Connecting your Account to Chrome

  • Once you have added your account to your IPhone, you can then connect your account to your Chrome App.
    Chrome Icon | Android L Iconset | dtafalonso
  • Access your Chrome App, then tap More (three dots on bottom right) > Settings> Sync and Google Services
  • You can then choose the account you would like to use, and tap "Yes, I'm in"

  • This will turn on Syncing for your Google account!


Connecting Your Account via the Gmail App

  • Open your Gmail App
    Gmail - Apps on Google Play
  • Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.

  • Tap Add Another Account, and choose Google as the type of account you would like to add.

  • Input your login credentials in the fields provided and tap Next and Accept the Terms and Conditions.




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