Real Geeks To Google Contacts Features


Check out this Demo video for the Real Geeks and Google Contacts integrations!



  • Creating a lead in Real Geeks is the only way to create a lead in Google Contacts.

  • The lead must be assigned to an agent to go through the integration. Specifically the agent who matches the Google Contacts account where the lead is to be sent.

  • The integration will create the lead in Google Contacts due to Agent Assignment if an agent was not chosen during lead creation.

  • Under the Source Options> Filters, New Register is the Lead Created Filter.

  • The following fields map over into Google Contacts from the lead information in Real Geeks:

    Mapped Fields
    First Name *
    Last Name *
    Email Address *
    Phone Number 


    *Note: The fields containing the * are Required fields*

  • When a tag is added in Real Geeks, it will automatically add a label to the existing Contact in Google Contacts.

  • If the email address is changed/ updated in Real Geeks, it may cause unexpected results in Google Contacts.

  • The initial phone number assigned to the lead under "Phone" will be the phone number shown on the lead in Google Contacts.





Setup: Real Geeks to Google Contacts Integration


Setup: Google Contacts to Real Geeks Integration