Setup: Real Geeks to Google Contacts Integration



Setup Instructions:


  • From your Real Synch dashboard, click + Add Integration:

  • Select Real Geeks as your Source and Google Contacts as your Target:

  • Click Instructions on the Real Geeks icon and follow along:

  • Click Connect on the Real Geeks Source, Generate API Key, and Copy:


  • Go to And log into your Admin account if you're not logged in.

  • Click Configure Destinations:



  • Select your Real Geeks website:



  • On the next screen, select Custom API near the bottom of the screen:



  • Next, go to this URL: and slide the toggle switch to the Active position:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: The hexadecimal number below the slider is your Site UUID. Copy it, click Save, and then paste it into the Setup under Site UUID to complete your setup.



  • Click Close, and the integration will self-verify during the testing.


  • Next, click Instructions on the Google Contacts icon and follow along:

  • Click Connect, and if you would like to add multiple accounts, ensure the option is enabled:

*Note: This option requires Admin access in Google Contacts*


  • Click Sign in with Google > Allow > and Close:


  • The Source will verify during testing, and theTarget should now display as Verified > Click Next and Activate:


Your integration is now active! You can access and update your Integration's Source Options by clicking the wrench icon next to the Source on the Real Synch dashboard.




Setup: Google Contacts to Real Geeks Integration