August 16th, 2022

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As of 8/16/2022, we’ve made these updates and additions to our system in order to better serve our clients:


Platform Wide Releases

  • This release brings minor modifications and updates in the background to our system which allows you to experience a better interface with your integrations.

  • As part of our continued effort to keep our Frontend and UI up to date and in line with our current branding; we have adjusted our verbiage from “Synchbots” to “Integrations” on our platform/dashboard.
  • We have also clarified our integration options platform wide, and made sure only the applicable and correct options were showing for each source and target.



Integration Specific Releases


  • We want our clients to have the most up-to-date information, so we made an update to optimize the agent cache on SISU integrations which will allow you to get desired information faster.

  • We implemented a bug fix to keep leads created without an email address from making any updates to transactions in SISU which also do not have email addresses.

  • On the Follow Up Boss integration, we added a new checkbox on the bottom right of the Activity Options list under Source option > Filters that allows a deal to be created when a trigger tag is added to the lead in Follow Up Boss.
    *Note: Please see Follow Up Boss Tagging for more details regarding tags for the Follow Up Boss Integration.


  • Additionally, as more tags are added to the lead the deal will move through the Buyer and Seller deal pipelines in Follow Up Boss and create the required stages as needed.

    * Deal Stages for Buyers Pipeline: Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Signed Agreement, Buyer Contract, and Closed.
    * Deal Stages for Sellers Pipeline: Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Signed, Listed, Pending, and Closed.

  • We made an update to eliminate whitespace errors in API key use for Conversion Monster integrations. This means if an accidental space is added when adding the API key to the Source or Target options, our system corrects it for you.



Real Synch - Logo-01-logo