October 11th, 2022

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As of 10/11/2022, we’ve made these updates and additions to our system in order to better serve our clients:


Platform Wide Releases

  • This release brings minor modifications and updates in the background to our system which allows you to experience a better interface with your integrations.

  • As part of our continued effort to keep our Frontend and UI up to date and in line with our current branding; we have adjusted the remainder our verbiage from “Synchbots” to “Integrations” on our platform/dashboard.



Integration Specific Releases


  • We want our clients to have the most accurate information, so we made an update to optimize the agent cache on Sierra to SISU integrations.

  • We implemented a bug fix to for missing Real Geeks source options. The options are now available.

  • Our developers have also implemented an update to the Follow Up Boss Source logic to map accurate dates and times when a deal is sent from Follow Up Boss to Sisu via closing the deal (selecting X rather than done).

  • Lasty, Our Vyral Marketing and Sierra Interactive bi-directional integrations are now live on production!



Real Synch - Logo-01-logo