November 8th, 2022

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As of 11/09/2022, we’ve made these updates and additions to our system in order to better serve our clients:

Platform Wide Releases

  • This release brings minor Internal modifications and updates which allow our integrations to perform more efficiently for our clients.



Integration Specific Releases


  • We added instructions for some of our newer integration setups:

  • Address Mapping options have been added to other SISU target integrations to allow the client to enable and disable Address Mapping from CRM to SISU:

  • We updated the default Conversation call duration to 3 minutes on integrations that increment dials based on call duration:

  • Irrelevant target options were removed from the Audience integrations.

  • Phase one of a custom project for a Partner Company has been completed.

  • We have enabled certain source and targets on our platform such as Revaluate as a target and Vyral Marketing as both a source and target:

  • Lastly, an update was released for a custom client integration.


Real Synch - Logo-01-logo