Agent Data Not Integrating





Agent Data Not Integrating:


When a given Agent's data is not integrating, the typical solution is as follows:


  • For an Appointment Met to properly integrate from Real Geeks to Sisu, you must create the appointment in the Follow Up tab with the purpose as Meeting, rather than in the Activity tab:

  • Ensure the Agent's login email address is the same in both Real Geeks and Sisu.

  • An integration from Real Geeks to Sisu cannot occur without an email address associated with each Contact created. These email addresses should be unique, as using the same email address multiple times can create problems. If you do not have an email address to associate with a Contact, you can simply use a fake one as a placeholder:

  • Finally, ensure you are looking at the appropriate date range for your scope in Sisu, as this is easy to overlook:



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