Real Geeks Agent Activity Metrics





Agent Activity Metrics:


When Real Geeks users log any of the following activities in Real Geeks, the Integration will automatically increment the related counter in Sisu:

  • Calls: logged in Real Geeks.

  • Conversations: Real Geeks user marks the call type as Called/Contact Made.

  • Email Sent: Real Geeks user sends an email.

  • Text Sent: Real Geeks user sends a text (one per unique lead per day).

  • Appointments Set: Real Geeks user creates a FollowUp where Type = Meeting.

Note: When a Real Geeks user updates a Lead to one of the Custom Lead Statuses (Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Rep Agreement Signed, or Under Contract), the Integration Creates or Updates the client Transaction in Sisu.




Real Geeks Custom Lead Statuses


Setup: Real Geeks to Sisu Integration