Real Geeks Agent Activity Metrics





Agent Activity Metrics:


When Real Geeks users log any of the following activities in Real Geeks, the Integration will automatically increment the related counter in Sisu:

  • Calls: logged in Real Geeks.

  • Conversations: Real Geeks user marks the call type as Called/Contact Made.

  • Email Sent: Real Geeks user sends an email.

  • Text Sent: Real Geeks user sends a text (one per unique lead per day).

  • Appointments Set: Real Geeks user creates a FollowUp where Type = Meeting.

Note: When a Real Geeks user updates a Lead to one of the Custom Lead Statuses (Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Rep Agreement Signed, Under Contract, or Closed/Inactive), the Integration Creates or Updates the client Transaction in Sisu.




Real Geeks Custom Lead Statuses

Setup: Real Geeks to Sisu Integration