Vyral Marketing to Sierra Interactive Integration Features





  • Opening a message, clicking a link in the message, or opting out of emailing will Create/Update a lead into Sierra Interactive.

  • Sierra Interactive will automatically add a tag to the lead based on the interaction the the message:

  • The following fields map over into Sierra Interactive from the contact information in Vyral Marketing:

    Mapped Fields
    First Name *
    Last Name *
    Email Address *


    *Note: The fields containing the * are Required fields*

  • If the name on the contact is updated in Vyral Marketing, when the contact interacts with the message again or interacts with a new message, the updated information will be sent to Sierra Interactive.

  • However, if the email address is changed on the contact in Vyral Marketing, it will create a new lead in Sierra Interactive with the updated email address.



Setup: Vyral Marketing to Sierra Interactive Integration


Setup: Sierra Interactive to Vyral Marketing Integration