BoomTown- Requirements





* Please read the important info below to understand how the integration works*


  • This integration requires the BoomTown subscription plan of Grow or Advanced.

  • To utilize Real Synch via a BoomTown Core subscription plan, please contact BoomTown support to request API access for Real Synch integration purposes.

  • BoomTown requires Core users to pay a one-time fee of $100. Access is generally granted within one business day.

  • BoomTown Contact Email address must be filled to enable the Integration to create or update Sisu Transactions.

  • The BoomTown user's login email address must match the Sisu user's login email address to enable the Integration to create or update a Transaction in Sisu.

  • If the contact has already been created in Sisu, the Integration will update the client with Transaction information. If the contact has not been integrated into Sisu yet, the Integration will create a client and fill the Transaction information.

  • Sisu Transaction status will be updated to Lost (Archived) when the integrated BoomTown Transaction is deleted. Once created in Sisu, the Transaction can be updated in Sisu and the changes can integrate to the BoomTown Transaction.