FAQ: BoomTown to Sisu Integration





What types of data are integrated from BoomTown into Sisu?


  1. Prospecting Activity Data

  2. Transaction Data

Can the Integration run bi-directionally?


Yes! You will need to setup one integration from BoomTown to Sisu and another integration from Sisu to BoomTown.



How long does it take for activity or transaction data logged in BoomTown to to be integrated into Sisu?


Just a few seconds! The Integration receives notifications from the BoomTown API as an activity is logged and integrates the relevant data to Sisu in moments.



Which fields are mapped from a BoomTown Transaction, to a Sisu Transaction?


BoomTown Transactions contain Client, Agent, Transaction Type (Buyer/Seller), Status, Property Address, MLS #, Amount, GCI, Agent Split, Listing Date, Expiration Date, Acceptance Date, and Closing Date:










BoomTown to Sisu Integration Demonstration: