Duplicate Transactions




A few things to note if one To-Do Meeting set in BoomTown is integrating as two Appt Set Transactions in Sisu:


If the Lead type is selected as both Buyer and Seller in BoomTown:


When a To-Do Meeting is set, this will integrate into Sisu as Appt Set for both the Buyer and the Seller, i.e. two Transactions for one Meeting.


Another possible reason two Transactions may integrate for one Meeting, is that the User who created the Meeting may not have been the same User who is assigned as the Agent for the Lead.




Steps to create a To-Do Meeting:


  • Click the Add a Lead tab on the far left side of the screen in BoomTown and fill out all required fields (ensure contact has a unique email address and phone number):

  • Select Buyer or Seller as the Lead Type (again, selecting Buyer & Seller will create two Transactions in Sisu):

  • Schedule a To-Do Meeting:

  • In Sisu, click the Transactions tab and search for the lead by name and you should see Appt Set on Sisu dashboard:

  • Complete the Meeting in BoomTown and refresh your page in Sisu to see Appt Met:




FAQ: BoomTown to Sisu Integration