Brivity Call Logging



Brivity Call Logging:

  • Brivity Users are able to Log a Call on a Contact in one of two ways.

  • You can Log a Call using the "Brivity Dialer", which calls the User and then rings the Contact number and saves the duration at the end of the call.

  • Log an "Off-App" call (via mobile or other device - effectively zero duration).

  • In either case, a Call Outcome must be selected in Brivity.

  • Either call type causes the integration to increment the Number of Dials counter in Sisu.

  • The integration also allows you to customize your Integration's Source Options to select how to increment your Sisu Connects and Conversations activity counters based on your call durations in Brivity.

  • The third option controls how Zero Duration ("Off App") call logs where the outcome is Talked are counted in Sisu. Options are Conversation, Connect, or No Credit: