Brivity to Sisu Transactional Data




Transactional Data:


To create or update a Transaction in Sisu, Brivity Users must add a trigger Tag to a Brivity contact (the integration is automatically created with default Buyer and Seller Tags, which mirror the Sisu statuses).



Buyer Tags:


Seller Tags:

  • For example, adding the Appt Set tag to a Buyer Lead in Brivity would create a Transaction in Sisu and increment your Appointment Set dial by one:

  • Adding the Appt Met tag to the same Buyer, would then update the status of the Sisu Transaction and increment your Appointment Met dial by one:

Note: You can customize any of the tags on your Integration to match the Brivity tag you want to use in its place. Once a new tag is added in your Integration, you can delete the preset tag.




Setup: Brivity to Sisu Integration