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The CBX extension enables Gmail users to interact with Contacts in their CRM from the comfort of the Gmail user interface.


Real Synch is a data and application integration platform dedicated to delivering solutions for automation and data integration problems. Real Synch's customers are residential real estate industry professionals who pay a subscription fee to use our platform services. Users of the extension are members of a Real Synch Subscribers Organization.


While logged into the Real Synch platform, the Subscriber Administrator performs a one-time setup process to authenticate and connect their organization's CRM to the Real Synch platform. They will then invite their CRM users to install and activate the CBX extension for Gmail from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once the user activates the extension, they are able to perform the following commands when focused on a Gmail message:


  • Add a Contact on a Gmail message to their CRM as a new Contact:

  • Retrieve and view key Contact information (Name, Email, Phone #, Status, Assigned To, and Tags) retrieved from their CRM:

  • Update key information (status, add notes, add/remove tags) in their CRM for an existing Contact:

  • Log a Gmail message as a Note, and retrieve and view tasks in their CRM under the related Contact:

  • Create and complete tasks in their CRM under the related Contact:


The commands are facilitated by the extension interfacing with Real Synch's integration platform APIs. The Real Synch platform uses inputs provided by the Real Synch subscription administrator to authenticate and control the interface to the subscriber's CRM API, and fulfill the user's command (view, add, and update data related to the Contact).




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