Firepoint to Sisu Integration Features





Creating and Updating Sisu Transactions:


  • When a Firepoint user creates or updates a lead into one of the lead statuses selected in the Integration's Target Options: Filters, the integration creates or updates a client Transaction in Sisu.

  • When an Firepoint user adds a specified tag to a lead, the integration creates or updates a client Transaction in Sisu.

  • Updating the integrated Firepoint lead status to Inactive will update the Sisu Transaction status to Lost.




The following fields are mapped from Firepoint to Sisu:





Status Mapping from Firepoint to Sisu:

Firepoint Status

Sisu Status

Date Filled in Sisu

Appointment Set

Appointment Set

1st time Appt Set

Met in Person- Likely

Appointment Met

1st time Appt Met

Agreement Signed


Signed Date

Active Listing

Live Listing

MLS Live Date

Under Contract


Under Contract Date



Closed (settlement) Date

  • Other statuses that have been enabled under the target options on the integration will send the transaction/lead into Sisu as Pipeline.

    Note: If the status is changed to Active listing prior to Agreement Signed, the MLS Live date will still be filled but the status will not change until the Signed date is filled.


Here is a demonstration of the Firepoint to Sisu Integration in action:





Setup: Firepoint to Sisu Integration