April 25th, 2023

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As of 04/25/2023, we’ve made these updates and additions to our system in order to better serve our clients:

Platform Wide Releases

  • This release brings minor Internal modifications and updates which allow our integrations to perform more efficiently for our clients.

  • Refactor and fix for Oauth flow and Google login.

  • Update to failed payment handling for subscriptions and subscription upgrades. An invoice will now be sent and the integration turned off if payment fails during subscription upgrades.
    *See User Task Count Information for more details regarding subscription upgrades



Integration Specific Releases


  • Removal of SISU custom mapping source options from the Follow Up Boss to RealGeeks integration.

  • Pushed a fix for an activation error due to an issue with the 'Synch Agents List' integration option on the final steps of setting up the BoomTown to SISU integration.

  • Zap and Mailparser updates and setup for multiple clients.

  • Updated logic to ensure lead phone numbers integrate correctly between Follow Up Boss and Google Contacts bi-directionally.

  • Re-enabled link detailed tags for the 'Message Click' trigger on the Vyral Source integrations.

  • Added timing to Vyral target API requests in order to stay under the limit rate.

  • Updated Fello target logic to include adding all tags to the lead in Fello from the Source.

  • Added a target option to the Fello to BoomTown integration under Custom Mappings which provides the option to select a default source for New Lead Creation.

  • Added mapping to the Fello to Follow Up Boss integration that will now send the Campaign source, name, and medium fields to Follow Up Boss.

  • Added Source options to the Sierra to Fello integration to include the "Deny tags" option.

  • Support for additional phone numbers were added to the Follow Up Boss to Keap integration.

  • Added checks to the Keap integrations to reduce errors involving Access Tokens.

  • Added node package for better handling of special characters in tags from Follow Up Boss when creating Keap tags.

  • Fix pushed out for custom field errors experienced in Keap to Follow Up Boss integration.


Real Synch - Logo-01-logo