BoomTown- Prospecting Activities



Prospecting Activities:


  • Calls and Dials made in Boomtown pull into Sisu in real time.


  • Appointments logged in Boomtown (with the To-Do type as Meeting) will log in the Appointment Set activity metric in Sisu, as well as Transactions with an Appointment Set date (which will fill the corresponding circle on your personal dashboard):

  • When the To-Do type Meeting is marked complete, this will add an Appointment Met date to the appropriate Transaction in Sisu, filling the Appointments Met circle:

  • To track an Open House or Showing, complete a To-Do item and set the type to Open House or Showing:

  • These metrics work independent of lead stage, i.e. it doesn't matter if an Agent in BoomTown is calling nurtures, new leads, hot leads, trashed leads, etc.


  • The integration looks at the profile of each Agent and logs Calls in Sisu accordingly (you must make sure that the emails used for your agents to log into BoomTown and Sisu match exactly).



FAQ: BoomTown to Sisu Integration