Setup: CBX








Note: To setup and activate the CBX Gmail Extension you will need an active Real Synch subscription and the Admin/Owner credentials for your CRM.


  • Login to Real Synch and click the + Add CBX button on the dashboard:

  • Choose your CRM and click Connect (make sure to enter the Admin/Owner credentials applicable to your CRM):


Note: The Instructions links for connecting to each CRM type are located on the Connect section.


  • Finally, use the check boxes to select users from your CRM to invite them to use the Gmail Extension (add a message in the box at the bottom of the screen), and click Activate to send an invitation email to your users with a link, API Key, and instructions on how to Install Gmail Extension:


Note: Google Group accounts are not eligible to be the Admin for the CBX.



CBX Admin Install Demo:





Manage Gmail Extension Users


Install Gmail Extension


CBX Onboarding