Unique Features and Limitations






Unique Features and Limitations:


  • A lead's name and email address are required to add a new contact.

  • Contacts are automatically assigned to the agent creating them.

  • Status and Source are required when adding a contact.




  • Ability to show two assigned agents (Buyer/Seller).

  • This integration requires the BoomTown subscription plan of Grow or Advanced.


Follow Up Boss:


  • You must retrieve your Admin/Owner API Key.

  • This integration cannot give a list of tags.

  • You have to assign your Source and Status after you add a contact. In other words, you cannot add a Source and Status while you are adding a lead.




  • You must retrieve your Admin/Office API Key.

  • Once a task is created, it cannot be edited or closed.



Getting Started with the Gmail Extension


Manage Gmail Extension Users


Install Gmail Extension


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